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Iraqi by blood and a Londoner by birth, Samar moved to Athens in late 2013 after falling in love with a Greek, leaving behind a decade-long career in the music industry where she personally oversaw the Global Promotion of some of the biggest names in the business, including Katy Perry and David Guetta.

Deciding she needed a new challenge, Samar learnt to read and write Greek in one year and started her own PR and Marketing Company, Crazy Diamond in 2014. Having started the business from her apartment dining table, it soon grew to boast a number of Greek and international clients across a variety of fields. From beachside parties at Nammos, Mykonos for Riva Yachts, to being the first to put models pushing strollers on the Athens Fashion week catwalk for Stokke, it was 6 years full of creativity and adventure.

Then in March 2020, having just found out she was pregnant with her second child not even a year after having her first, COVID-19 hit. Marketing budgets got put on hold, events got cancelled, and Samar put a pause on Crazy Diamond in order to re-strategize the business’ new direction.

Spending a lot of time indoors during lockdown and planning for the new baby re-ignited Samar’s (not-so) secret obsession with all things home organization. With all household members contained within a few walls, and the inevitable chaos that comes with young children, she experimented, refined and devised new systems in each room until the house ran with clockwork precision.

Once the restrictions were relaxed, and with “Marie Kondo” and “The Home Edit” Netflix series playing on many people’s TVs, she found many of her friends asking her to help them organize their home offices, clear out their wardrobes, and unpack after home moves. Samar decided it was time to make things official. Finally, she could turn her lifelong hobby into a business.

Welcome to Redefined.


Some of you might be wondering...

What is Professional Organization?

A relatively new concept in Greece, Professional Organization is much more than just putting your clothes on matching hangers or categorizing the food in your kitchen pantry. Watch the video to hear Samar explain in her own words.