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One of the first questions we are usually asked is:

How Exactly Does it Work?

For an insider’s view into the organization process from beginning to completion, check out this video from one of our recent residential projects.

Interested in learning more? Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the usual procedure for residential and commercial organization services:


Average Time Required:

1 - 2 hours

Client’s Presence:



After an introductory phonecall, Redefined’s founder Samar will personally visit the space(s) together with the client.

During this session, a general evaluation will take place and the client’s current challenges and future aspirations for each space will be thoroughly discussed. In some cases, photographs and general measurements will be taken during this meeting.

A proposal will then be sent post-meeting for the client’s consideration.


Average Time Required:

3 - 6 hours

Client’s Presence:



A follow-up on-site visit is arranged during which the Redefined team will perform a complete edit of the space & its contents together with the client, with decisions taken on which items will remain and which will be donated or discarded.

Once the editing has been completed, photographs, measurements and notes are taken so that only the required storage items are purchased, in order to avoid unnecessary spending by the client.

The Redefined team will then prepare a ‘Plan of Action’, which will include details of the required storage items, and an estimation of time required to complete the project. Once these details have been approved by the client, the date for the beginning of the Organization Process is booked.


Average Time Required:

Varies according to the size of the space and the scale of work required.

Client’s Presence:

Not required until organization phase is complete.


Here is where the magic truly begins. The Redefined team will arrive with the necessary items and begin the transformation of the space.

During this process, priority is given to ensuring that the implemented systems and structure within the space feel natural and follow a visual and physical logic, in order for them to be easily maintainable and manageable.

At the end of the process, the client is given a full walk-through of everything and any additional changes or ‘finishing touches’ can be finalised based on their personal preferences.


Our number one priority is to ensure that the client is completely satisfied and able to maintain the new space themselves before considering a project to be completed.

Nevertheless, sometimes questions or unforeseen circumstances can arise. We remain at the client’s disposal for any discussions or on-site fixes where necessary, at no additional charge, for up to one month post-completion.

For ultimate post-project satistication, we also offer additional services to our existing clients, such as our Refresh Service or Maintenance Training Courses for Household Staff.