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Moving companies handle the difficult physical tasks involved in a relocation: packing up the contents of a home or office, moving them to their new location and unloading the boxes and furniture.

However, the most stressful factor in a move is usually the mental exhaustion throughout the process, especially when coupled with simultaneously juggling work and family commitments.

Most people are familiar with the overwhelming feeling of disorder whilst preparing to move, and the discomfort of living amongst (or sometimes, out of) boxes for weeks, or even months, after the move.

Through our structured approach, we can streamline and simplify this process for a smoother transition, so that the experience becomes an exciting, rather than an overwhelming one.

The scope of each relocation project varies depending on each client's particular requirements, which can include any or all of the below:


  • Evaluation and review of the new premises to effectively plan for organizational opportunities and challenges (in collaboration with the client’s architect or interior designer where applicable)
  • Editing and categorization of possessions at the original premises, to avoid unnecessarily moving unwanted items
  • Disposal and donation arrangements of undesired items pre-relocation
  • Creation of strategic packing systems that will ensure efficient and methodical unpacking at the new location (instead of 30 boxes simply labelled “Kitchen”)


  • Smooth and systematic unpacking of all items at the new location once the movers have unloaded all the items
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving for more challenging areas within the new space
  • Adding the final organizational touches at the new premises once the client has had a chance to acclimatize and identify areas for improvement
  • Assistance with storage arrangements (through the creation of inventories with photographs & detailed descriptions) either at new location or separate storage spaces